Find your Greenline solution

21 Jan 2016 News

The Jaquet GreenLine family is a line of speed sensors and tachometers designed to provide speed sensing and control solutions for both end users and OEM’s. The product line includes over 50 speed sensors with various technologies and connections and 4 tachometer modules for straight forward signal detection, monitoring and conditioning.

Sensors are available with VR or Hall technologies with cable or connector interfaces. Sizes range from 3/8-24 and M10X1 to 3/4-16 and M16X1.5. Sensor capability ranges from zero speed to high frequency detection and all units have sealed sensing areas to prevent liquid intrusion. Select your sensor

The T400 series F-DC tachometers are available with current or voltage analog output and they also provide a sine to square wave converter/re-transmit signal, sensor health monitoring and a high/low limit relay. All inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated. T400‘s are configured via a PC with supplied software using the PC-T400 cable. Available packages include DIN-rail mount and panel mount with display. Select your tachometer

The new GreenLine sensors and tachometers can be used to provide either a complete measurement chain solution or individual speedsensing products as needed. Check the Greenline brochure for more information.