Gefran solutions available in store

Gefran solutions
22 Mar 2016 News

Now available on Industores: Gefran controller and programmer units (1000/1001/1101, 400/401 and 600), indicator and alarm units (2400, 40T48 and 40T96), power controller (GTS power solid state relays), displacement sensors (LT, PC and PY2), position sensors (IK4A, MK4A and PMA-12) and pressure transmitters (M3, K3 and ME). Many variations of the products are available. Find your Gefran solution.

Gefran controller and programmer instruments provide accurate control of variables such as pressure, force, displacement, humidity and temperature. Select your controller and programmer unit.

Gefran indicator and alarm units feature simplicity, compactness and flexibility. The indicator and alarm units indicate variables such as temperature, displacement and force. Select your indicator and alarm unit.